SEC Inline Transforms


The SEC Inline Transforms plugin, developed and maintained by the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC), facilitates specific iXBRL value transformations for SEC filings. For end-user support, direct inquiries to The plugin is automatically activated when either the EDGAR Renderer or EFM validation plugins are selected.

Key Features

  • iXBRL Transformations: Tailored for transforming values in iXBRL used in SEC filings.

  • Integration with Other Plugins: Works seamlessly with the Edgar Renderer and validate/EFM plugins.

Example Command Line Usage

To load a filing with SEC iXBRL transforms, use the following command:

python --plugins transforms/SEC --file

Example GUI Usage

To enable SEC transforms in the GUI:

  1. Go to Help > Manage plug-ins.

  2. Select the SEC Inline Transforms plugin to activate it.