The XULE plugin, developed and maintained by XBRL US, enhances XBRL data manipulation and querying. Inquiries can be directed to info@xbrl.us. XULE is instrumental in validating SEC and FERC filings, with both DQC rules for SEC filings and FERC rules available in XULE format. It also allows for the creation of new XBRL reports and facts. Utilize the DQC Rules Validator and ESEF DQC Rules Validator plugins for specific XULE validation rules. For more details on XULE and its usage, visit the XULE plugin readme.

Key Features

  • XBRL Data Querying and Manipulation: Provides a user-friendly syntax for interacting with XBRL data.

  • Validation Capabilities: Data quality rule sets provided for SEC and FERC filings.

  • Creation of XBRL Reports: Enables the definition and creation of new XBRL reports.

Example Command Line Usage

For all available options, refer to the project repo.

  • Run XULE SEC DQC validations:

    python arelleCmdLine.py --plugins "validate/DQC|transforms/SEC" --validate --file filing-documents.zip
  • Run XULE ESEF DQC validations:

    python arelleCmdLine.py --plugins validate/ESEF-DQC --validate --file filing-documents.zip
  • Compile Your Own XULE Validation Rules to a Rule Set:

    python arelleCmdLine.py --plugins xule --xule-compile xule-source-files/v1 --xule-rule-set xule-rule-set-v1.zip

Example GUI Usage

Configure the XULE processor and DQC validation plugins in Arelle via:

  • Tools > Xule

  • Tools > DQC

  • Tools > ESEF-dqc

  • Tools > Validation > DQC Rules

  • Tools > Validation > ESEF-dqc Rules