Save Loadable OIMΒΆ

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The Save Loadable OIM plugin facilitates the saving of re-loadable instances in JSON or CSV formats, adhering to the Open Information Model (OIM) XBRL Specification. It is designed to work seamlessly with the Load From OIM plugin, allowing for efficient data handling in Arelle.

Key Features

  • Multiple Formats: Enables saving data in JSON and CSV OIM formats as well as XLSX.

  • Seamless Integration: Compatible with the Load From OIM plugin for saving and loading reports.

  • GUI and CLI Compatibility: Available for use in both GUI and CLI modes.

  • Test Case Augmentation: Allows saving OIM files with a custom suffix during test suite runs.

Usage Instructions

Command Line Usage

  • Single-Instance Mode: Save a file in single-instance mode by specifying the file path and extension:

    python --plugins saveLoadableOIM --file --saveLoadableOIM example.json
  • Test Case Operation: Augment test case operations by specifying a suffix for the read-me-first file in a test suite:

    python --plugins saveLoadableOIM --file --saveTestcaseOimFileSuffix -savedOim.csv

GUI Usage

  • Save Re-Loadable Output:

    1. Load the desired report in Arelle.

    2. Go to Tools > Save Loadable OIM.

    3. Specify a filename and choose the desired file format (JSON, CSV, or XLSX).

Additional Notes

If the loaded report refers to a taxonomy on the local file system, the OIM instance needs to be saved in the same directory to maintain the validity of the relative file system path to the taxonomy.