Arelle iXBRL Viewer#


The Arelle iXBRL Viewer is an interactive tool developed by the Arelle team for viewing Inline XBRL (iXBRL) reports in web browsers. It enables users to access and interact with XBRL data embedded in iXBRL reports. This viewer is designed with extensibility in mind, allowing users to adapt it to their needs.

Key Features#

  • Interactive Viewing: Experience interactive viewing of iXBRL reports in any web browser.

  • Data Accessibility: Easily access the XBRL data embedded within iXBRL reports.

  • Global Usage: Adapted and customized by various service providers and regulators.

Example Command Line Usage#

For a comprehensive list of options, please refer to the project readme.

To create an ixbrl-viewer.htm viewer file, use the following command:

python --plugins iXBRLViewerPlugin --file --save-viewer ixbrl-viewer.htm

Example GUI Usage#

The Arelle iXBRL Viewer can also be configured and utilized via the graphical user interface (GUI). Simply navigate to Tools > iXBRL Viewer in the menu to get started.